Fine Line Tattoo

Fine line tattoos are small, delicate tattoos that are designed to be very subtle and elegant. Simple tiny tattoos are tattooed with very fine lines and minimal detail, giving them a more delicate appearance than traditional tattoos. Tiny tattoos have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many celebrities having adopted this trend.

BBM - Tiny Tattoos

We love tiny tattoos!

Whether you have your own cool tiny tattoo ideas, or are looking for some inspiration, our fine line tattoo artists can help consult with you to design your perfect tiny tattoo.

SMALL- $120 (small symbol like a heart, or a letter)
MEDIUM- $160 (one word or design 2-3″)
LARGE- $200 (a short phrase or similar size design 3-5″)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are fine line tattoos permanent?

Yes, our fine line tattoos (also called tiny tattoos or micro tattoos) are permanent. Fine line tattooing is a permanent form of tattoo which uses similar techniques to traditional tattoo, but on a smaller scale using either a 1 point or 3 point needle.

Can I come with a friend?

Definitely! We love when friends come in together to get their tiny tattoos. If you’re booking with a friend, we recommend calling ahead to let us know!

How do I care for my tiny tattoo?

Your tattoo artist will give you thorough aftercare instructions at the time of your appointment – It’s your responsibility to follow the aftercare instructions given by your artist.

Wait at least 24-48 hours before removing the protective bandage. Wash the tattoo gently twice per day with unscented antibacterial soap and pat dry with a clean paper towel. After you pat dry, apply a thin layer of the recommended healing ointment, which is available for purchase at BBM.

DO NOT submerge your tattoo in water (bath, swimming) for at least 2 weeks, or use a hot tub or sauna. AVOID direct sunlight on the tattoo for a minimum of 4 weeks. Wear loose clothing if possible.