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Nano Brows Masterclass

Learn Permanent Makeup With Our Nano Brow Training

Our Nano Brows Masterclass was created to empower you with the skills you need to perform beautiful nano brow treatments. Whether you’re a seasoned permanent makeup artist looking to expand your treatments or a beginner looking to acquire new skills to support your beauty career, this masterclass will give you all the training you need to thrive. Our industry-leading training provides you with the certification you need to be 100% insurable so that you can start generating income with nano brow treatments.

What are Nano Brows?

Nano Powder Brows is a permanent makeup technique which is done to enhance the eyebrows with semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing. A nano brow treatment is performed using a permanent makeup machine with a nano needle cartridge, implanting the ink into the skin. This treatment creates very natural-looking healed results. Nano brows are one of the most popular permanent makeup treatments available today. This service will be a great addition to your beauty business!

What You’ll Learn

The Nano Brows Masterclass features a comprehensive curriculum that walks you through everything required during treatment ⁠— from pre- and post- treatment practices, to the professional precision needed to deliver beautiful nano brow results.

Students will be taught a structured curriculum that covers key topics such as; consultation and consent, photographing brows, setting up of work area, sterilization of treatment area, hygiene, health & safety.

Course topics include:

  • Nano Brows Fundamentals
    – Introduction to the concept and purpose of nano brows & permanent makeup
    – Benefits of nano brows for clients and technicians

  • Client Consultation and Evaluation
    – Conducting a thorough client consultation for nano brows
    – Identifying client preferences and assessing skin suitability

  • Health and Safety Protocols
    – Emphasizing the importance of sanitation and sterilization in nano brow procedures
    – Safe handling of needles and contaminated supplies

  • Understanding Brow Anatomy
    – Exploring the structure and features of eyebrow anatomy
    – How brow anatomy impacts the nano brows tattooing process

  • Product and Pigment Knowledge
    – Overview of products, pigments, and equipment used in nano brows procedures
    – Selecting suitable pigments for various skin tones

  • Equipment and Needle Types
    – Essential tools and machine types for nano brow procedures
    – Needle selection and configuration

  • Nano Brows Procedure
    – Step-by-step instructions for the nano brows procedure
    – Techniques for achieving natural and desirable results

  • Color Theory and Customization
    – Understanding color theory in the context of permanent makeup
    – Customizing brow colors to match individual client preferences

  • Aftercare and Healing Process
    – Educating clients on post-treatment care and expected healing processes
    – Managing the healing phase, client expectations and addressing potential touch-up sessions

  • Business and Ethical Practices
    – Establishing and promoting a successful permanent makeup business
    – Ethical considerations, pricing strategies, and more

Course Dates

June 10-11-12, 2024
(Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday)
10:00 am – 4:00 pm
This will be a 3-day course.

Price: $5,000+hst

Full starter kits included with Peak Astra PMU machine, wireless battery pack, 4 pigments, needles cartridges, numbing cream, and general supplies.

Meet your instructors

Marcella - Permanent Makeup Artist

Marcella Masci

Founder & Head Trainer

BBM - Cassandra Roussel

Erin Vanasse

Student Support & Trainer

What Our Students Have to Say

Thank you for the knowledge you have given me!

“I took my Nano brow masterclass training with BBM and it was my favourite training so far! I have done many beauty trainings in the past, at a different academy, and I much preferred my experience at BBM Beauty Academy. Marcella is a great teacher and she was always quick to answer any questions I had during the class. The way she teaches is amazing and very visual, which is the best way for me to learn. Erin is super welcoming and joyful all the time, she showed us many marketing and business tips/ideas. The energy was just awesome at BBM Beauty! 10/10! I will for sure be coming back for more permanent makeup trainings in the future! Thank you so much Marcella and Erin for the knowledge you both have given me!”

Nina M.

Enrol in our Nano Powder Brows Masterclass to Expand your Aesthetics Career

Learn from industry experts

Hands-on learning

Discover top techniques

Access quality educational materials

What materials should I bring to class?

Each student will receive a full starter kit which includes needles, pigments, measuring tools, a carrying case, and much more! You will be required to purchase a permanent makeup machine prior to the course.

Can I take this class even if I’m a beginner?

Each student will receive a full starter kit included with needles cartridges, pigments, measuring tools, a carrying case, and much more! You will be required to purchase your own permanent makeup machine prior to the course. We recommend visiting Anarchy Tattoo Supplies to find a machine that is best suited for you.

Does this course provide certification?

After completing this course, you will be fully insurable and certified to start offering nano brow services. Our course curriculum covers all the topics required to make you 100% insurable.

Are there risks involved in PMU services?

Safe and professional delivery of nano brow services require adherence to health and safety protocols which are all taught in this course. We always cover all health and safety procedures including proper service delivery, sterilization and workspace preparation.

Are nano brows a profitable service to be offering?

Yes, nano brows can be a very profitable service to offer! Our course curriculum covers important topics about running your own business, so that you can start generating your own income. PMU services have become very popular in recent years and are a great addition to your business! Earn over $1,000/day with this amazing service!

Will I get the chance to practice in class?

All of our courses offer an opportunity for hands-on training. During training, you’ll get the chance to practice on a live model to help perfect your skills. We believe in combining theoretical knowledge with hands-on training to help you learn how to deliver beautiful results!

Do you offer flexible payment plans?

Yes. We offer flexible payment plans to make our trainings more accessible! If you are interesting in a flexible payment plan for the nano brows training in Ottawa, please contact us.

Enrol in our Nano Brows Masterclass to Expand your Aesthetics Career

Complete BBM Academy’s professional Nano Brows training course and start offering this popular treatment. We’ll teach you how to perfect the art of the nano brow, all while successfully managing your beauty career.